White Cut, Red Blood

Welcome to this splendid gathering
Today you will witness a perfection of scientifi c charity
With an ice pick staring up at us
Let's cut out each and every irregularity
And make this wretch an ordinary human being again

We will make you a free man
Devoid of demons, devoid of debauchery
You will be grateful for the internal bliss
When we retrieve you from your mental abyss
We will make you a Freeman
If you submit to lobotomy
A white cut, the red blood
Every complaint removed when you feel a little sting

But despite our magnifi cent and pioneering discoveries
You repent the accolade that was once given to us

Oh, the triviality of a few lost ones
Compared to the imposing magnitude of the beloved incision

Psycho surgery silencing the self
What bizarre megalomania made it come to this?
Was it powerlessness, apprehension, unspoken eugenics?
Or just a specifi c northern craving
For medically enhanced normality?

Now you hound us with your abominable reproach
And I foresee that this trajectory will be our nemesis
Whirling through paranoiac tunnels
As our achievements creep up on us