Posted by: John on the 17. October 2013

In other news. Gardenian has reformed. another one of my favs

Posted by: Alexander on the 17. March 2013

You are the best death metal band I've ever heard. I was amazed of keyboard solo in the song Till the End of Eternity, guitar solo in beginning of Drained and ending of My Inner Beast. You guys definitely has a talent! This calm and soulful digressions make me shudder from rapture. I want a little more of such things. It is worth mentioning your deep, profound lyrics, shrewd and rousing vocal. I wish you creative inspiration and future fulfillments. All the best from Ukraine!

Posted by: Mattias on the 30. May 2012

Sad to see that the band is on hold. Still think Fragments of a Withered Dream is one of the best albums ive ever heard. Not saying that the follow up releases are bad because they are not. But not as good as that one. Hope you can find time and inspiration (and more bandmembers i guess) to make a similar one.



Posted by: arturo on the 14. February 2012

whtas up withyou guy im want to hear some new fresh music hail from guadlajara mexico

I'm afraid that it'll be a while before we have some new music ready - but we are working on it!
/ Andreas

Posted by: John on the 16. November 2011


Yeah, maybe it could look that way, but we're actually not all done yet and we have slowly begun kicking around some new ideas in the rehearsal room.
/ Andreas

Posted by: John on the 22. August 2011

Just got done listening to the song Faustian what a good song. How bout an update, what are you guys doing in your spare time, any progress on some new songs/album. I want more from a band in there prime please :)

Posted by: asdf on the 06. August 2011


Posted by: mark on the 30. June 2011

jeg synes jeres musik lyder godt.

Posted by: Søvnig on the 24. April 2011

Af en eller anden grund kan jeg ikke komme ind på contact???
Kan i ikke kontakte mig på

Michael "Søvnig" Lauridsen

Posted by: Kronkvist on the 30. March 2011

Hej jeg sad og hørete lidt fee´tråd (Melodeath) på youtube og så faldt jeg sgu lige over jeres Band og jeg må sige at i gør det fanme godt :-) jeg vil sgu næsten sige at jeg ville købe jeres albums for i har fanget mig med det i har lavet :-)

Hilsen en mulig fan :-D
Metal for life