Mermaid Decapitation

As I look at the river the colours change
Fading from bright dark to bloodred green

A stream of blood passes while our pride expires
Proudly sculpturing a headless culture
An old legend that is borne by the fairy tale land
A literary masterpiece abused by the human hand
Her beauty spoiled by the blade so gory
A decapitated mermaid in all its glory

A fabulous monster searching for harmony
Left without a voice to defend herself
Though her soulless essence surpasses her remains
Even the smallest diamond shines

As the killers slowly mutilate her verdigris skin
Voiceless, headless and left to die

Towards the roaring vortex through lifeless grey mud
Pacing at the thunderous eddy dragging the surroundings down
Drowned for eternity and left as foam above
White skeletons peek through the viscous creatures
That patiently stifl e their prey
A guinea pig for a distorted new art form
As a mermaid killer crosses her path
Everything ventured for her soul's immortality
Everything lost to the two-edged sword