Infinite Fire

I see an endless rain over the isle, saddening bars
Drenching the feet with safety and shame
This purple isle of decay pins the timidity
Freedom peeks through the cracks and triggers the run

Silhouetted trees, so eerie and crooked
Whistling sickly in the cool air of the night
Arms of our path lie open and tempting
As we reach the skirts of the dewy web

Come on, run with me, my dear
Through the tracks in the thicket
I see the sparkle in your eyes
The infi nite fi re is burning
Yeah, run through the dark with me, my dear
When the fi re is smothered by the lids
I still see a sun within your heart

The wind carries the screams of burning fl esh
Like a momentous warning
As we sweep through the wet meadows
In the shadowy gleam of the pyres
Away from the Promised Land

The ways of our hearts will lead us through
And soon we'll reach the shores of home
Remember how you cried like wanton joy repressed?
But see, relinquishment and dare just side by side
Don't say it's over now

The silver plate looms in the aperture
Hissing ocean glinting beneath her cracked affection
A breath of salt has drawn us near the shore
Where we stand with an infi nite fi re in our eyes

No, love, don't disappear
We'll make it through
Through the night and the high tide too
Dancing into the vast blazing ocean
In the moonlight glow
Both you and me