Arusia, Arusia
Bones and skulls jut out of your forest fl oor
Arusia, oh Arusia
The foul signs of times seep through the pavement

Far, far away where the peninsular land
Slopes down and assembles brook and town
Behind its smile, inside the bowels of Arusia
I'm led into your swirling web
Your ramparts hid like the threshold to the core
Beneath the striving for the metropolitan likes
Seed that will never be able to take root
Not even penetrate your daytime or night

I remember eruption around the river's mouth
And footsteps on the eastern shore of Albion afar

And now, once again I tumbled and fell down
On the muddy streets of November
Clear vision bruised, heady dream confused
As it slipped from my grasp

Now, the Arusian night has crept upon us
Like a calming blanket over the tired town
Hear the tower bells, conspiringly they toll:
In vernalis temporis - do you know what you miss?

While gazing at the stars with an earnest glare
And my cheeks smeared by the gutter
A cool wind blows like foreign memories
An ancient tale of time unveiling
Yet my heart is fi lled with the strangest zest
To follow you through the wet and the glinting streets
Oh sister, the end is coming fairly soon
And I will either be forgotten or insult oblivion
With tales and stories about a distant time and space
With tales of a distant time