Power Hour

Answered by: Andreas

-You just released your first MCD. Can you please tell something about it and about the reactions so far?

Well, the demo is recorded during a weekend in 'Aabenraa-studiet' with Jacob Hansen, a well-known and very respected Danish producer. The songs form a connected story with the lyrics being about a guy that becomes insane after having experienced a huge sorrow.
The response that we've received so far has been very good. We've had a lot of very good reviews, which are posted on our website. Right now we are about to sign a contract with Lost Disciple Records from USA.

-As you might have read in my review I liked the album very much but I had the feeling that the first 2 songs were very similar to Amon Amarth and the like. What's your opinion about that?

You're not the first one to say that and we are aware that our demo doesn't open a new epoch within metal. Our new material will still be in the same genre, as we all like atmospheric and melodic deathmetal, but it will be a little more atmospheric yet faster.
By the way we had not heard anything from Amon Amarth before we recorded Quadrology...

-Are you already working on your first full length and when can we expect that album?

We have 6 tracks that are almost ready and we are planning to enter the studio in August if everything with Lost Disciple works out and if Jacob Hansen is able to find time for us.

-Every time I speak with Danish bands I've got the feeling that the Danish scene is almost dead. Have you got the same feeling?

No, I don't think that the Danish scene is dead, actually I think that Denmark has a lot of great underground bands, it's just a shame that many of them don't get any further. But it wouldn't be too bad if more people would show up at metal concerts and if the national radio and TV would begin transmitting a little metal (perhaps 24 hours a day?).

-The latest news I read on the website was that the MCD would be released in the fall of 2000. What's the latest news on Compos Mentis? Any gigs planned?

Hmmm, yeah well, we have been working on a new design for the website, which will be uploaded on www.composmentis.dk within a few days. I guess the latest news on Compos Mentis is the record deal with Lost Disciple. And we are going to play at 'Kl°ften festival' the 23rd of June 'Aabycore metal festival' in August.

-Thanks for answering the questions.

- Anytime!