Eclipse Magazine

Grade: n/a

Denmark's Compos Mentis formed with explicit intent to create highly melodic, yet intense death metal ala Eucharist, Ablaze My Sorrow. What give Compos Mentis its unique edge are the frequent keyboard runs, which give the searing guitar work of Ryan Kristensen and vocalist Jesper Heinsvig a nice backdrop to riff all over the place and still sound grounded. Compos Mentis are obviously on a different level professionally than most demo bands as they've enlisted former Serious Entertainment and Invocator madman Jacob Hansen to produce "Quadrology of Sorrow." Not too shabby for a band with little or no following! Of the four songs here, each represents a different writing style for Compos Mentis; yet, none of them exhibit overwhelming ambition to break out of the Scandinavian melodic metal mode, the unity that ties the sound together shows Compos Mentis are out for a label deal with their obvious professionalism and songwriting. "Quadrology of Sorrow" should appeal to the lot of you who enjoy good 'ol melodic death metal. Fantastic!
Compos Mentis, SkjoldsvŠnge 6, 6500 Vojens Denmark.
Chris Dick