Beyond Webzine

Grade: 7/10

This is a Danish band of which the five young members seem to have been heavily influenced by their Swedish neighbours. Compos Mentis? melodic and atmospheric Death Metal is indeed rather familiar to me and bares a lot of resemblance to Dark Tranquillity, In Flames and the like (in a time where these bands didn?t yet take the turn they took lately ?). Nothing really special, thus, if it weren?t for this slight Doom trait. And that?s a shame, because I?m convinced that these guys are just an inch away from standing out among the other bands that are active in the same style. But this is only a first demo and what do you want, a first trial is rarely perfect. If you put aside the non-originality, there?s nothing to hold against them. The compositions are coherent and well played and Jacob Hansen handled production, mix and mastering. For those who don?t know him, this means that the sound is ultra clean and that the smallest details were taken into account. A rather like the way the keyboards are integrated in the tree songs but I would have avoided the outro? No harm done? it?s still a good debut. Price: 4$ or 8DM.