Babylon Magazine

Grade: 8/10

Finally a valid band from Denmark!!!
This young but promising band comes out with a melodic death promo very interesting. We have here an extremely Swedish product, that can be compared to the way that the first In Flames and Dark Tranquillity were used to follow, right before the less lucky A Canorous Quintet, Ablaze My Sorrow and First Gardenian. These are the stylistic cohordinates. For what concerns the tracks quality, I mus say that the songs are involving, well arranged and built, fluid in their way, wisely enriched with suggestive keyboards and well conceived breaks. Technically it's all well played, singed and interpreted and the production is just as good. I guess that with these 4 tracks Compos Mentis will catch the attention of the labels and we just have to wait for a debut in a bigger style.
Response: 8/10 (Ettore Rigotti)