The Unbulova Ripoff

Grade: n/a

COMPOS MENTIS QUADROLOGY OF SORROW SELF-RELEASED, 2000 [Quad of Feeling Really Really Sad] This is one of those rare cases when I don't really like the style of the music the band is playing, but I can find nothing at fault with the music itself. Compos Mentis is a Swedish band, and they play decent melodic death metal with symphonic black metal leanings. I'm not a fan of Swedish melodic death metal or symphonic black metal, and this album has its feet in both genres, but it's not really a shit sandwich, despite the mark I gave it. This didn't have an effect on me, understand. The band is really a decent, professional band. The melodic stuff on here is really well composed, the vocals are decent, and the keyboards aren't annoying as they usually are in black metal, but it's a case of "it's not you, it's me." I'm more of a brutal death-type lover myself, but I think the band is decent for what it is. If this sort of shit doesn't float like crap in your toilet, then I can hardly see the point of buying the album, but there is a definite audience for this stuff. If you're a fan of In Flames, then you could do much worse than picking Quadrology of Sorrow up.