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Grade: 7.5/10

On the road from 1996, here we have this Danish five piece with a demo cd of melodic death metal really well produced and played. It's sure that they don't add very much to the Swedish death metal scene, but the three songs (plus a keys solo as outro) of 'Quadrology Of Sorrow' are really catchy, going from fast paced to atmospheric parts. They leave a taste of rage, but sadness that make me appreciate them very much. As normal for this genre, the guitar melodies rule (excellent acoustic inserts, that remember In Flames, also considering the clean voice), supported by the keyboards, that have only a background role. It's a pity, because if they could interact more with the twin axes, it would give much more class to the final result. The bases are really very good, I'm looking forward to hear good words about them. Compliments! TECNIQUE: 3,5/5 SONGWRITING: 4/5 PRODUCTION: 3,5/5 INNOVATION: 2,5/5 TOTAL: 7,5/10