Grade: 8.5/10

Compos Mentis - Quadrology Of Sorrow (22.07.00) Genre: Melodic Death Metal Rating (8/10) Release (2000) Well I must admit something these guys are really productive, and I've had this demo for a month or 2 by now. So what's new??? First of all this is record with Jacob Hansen in Aabenraa, so the production is really great!!! The lacking guitar sound on their earlier demos has been corrected. The deep growl has been totally eliminated on this recording, so now it's more the vocal you find in melodic Swedish death metal. This is also the way they have chosen, but so much more energetic than what they've done before. The melodies are great all the way through, they style is still unique. Much better than I dared hope for, I like this better than many of the bands , who are signed e.g. Withering Surface, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity. Their force really atmospheric melodies, these guys have developed so much... Check them out!! Tracklist: 1. Divine Wrath 2.Beyond Salvation 3. Visions Of Tragedy 4. Till The End Of Eternity