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Grade: n/a

Another excellent release from Denmark here, a bit of new wave of Swedish death metal, a bit of atmospheric black metal surroundings, some sorrowful doom dark metal atmospheres... a combination that really appeals to my taste. Main influences come from the melodic aspect of the Scandinavian death metal but there is also a touch of depressive doom mixed in, which makes "Quadrology of Sorrow" belong to the most interesting demo releases of this season. The four tracks are lyrically and musically connected to each other and the demo must be listened in one go. Good vocal works and high musicianship with a decent sound and many different musical inluences... this is not the usual unoriginal music composed by so many In Flames, Dark Tranquillity heirs. Next release shall be the band's first album as those Danes got a deal with American Lost Disciple Records. Brilliant.