Power Hour (Klokradio)

Grade: 8/10

Compos Mentis-Quadrology of sorrow (band release 2000) 18.38 Compos Mentis is a Danish quintet which released its first album "Quadrology of sorrow" just a while ago. The MCD contains 3 songs and an outro ("Till the end of eternity"). When listening to the first 2 songs ("Divine wrath"and "Beyond salvation") I thought that Compos Mentis was one of those Scandinavian bands playing high quality yet not very original melodic death metal in the Amon Amarth vein (as loads of bands did a few years ago). But fortunately the third song "Visions of tragedy" contains more influences of their own and this quit emotional song gives the MCD a differnt touch. You can hear that these guys are good musicians and good song writers and this professional album is a great one when one takes in mind that "Quadrology of sorrow" is their first release. If they're able to include some more ideas of their own on their next album Compos Mentis may become one of the better Danish bands. --> 8