Grade: 10/10

Whoah!!! I can't help standing amazed before Compos Mentis, the Danish quintet which has the talent, the compositional power and the technical skills to create such a masterpiece! Honestly, I can find no flaw in this world-class work, a monumental combination of melodic death metal with a few atmospheric black influences! The four songs are all absolutely inspired and worked to the ideal point -avoiding being overworked- being well-played while keeping their fresh sound. Indefectible guitars, not really unique but partly avoiding the Maiden-like cliches of the genre, powerful, painful, soul-tearing vocals (the best in melodic Swedish death, after god Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquillity) and a gentle while merciless piano are what you will find here! I don't have anything else to say, just order the cd NOW directly from the band (4 US$, 5 Euros)! If these guys go on like that, one day they will be BIG! And I mean BIG! 10/10