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COMPOS MENTIS "Quadrology of of Sorrow" Demo CD (Self Released) The underground each day gives life to better bands, Compos Mentis is test of what I say. Grandiose atmospheric melodic Death Black Metal, they seem Swedish; all this thanks to 5 young musicians: Jesper (vocals-guitars), Ryan (guitar), Andreas (drums), Bo Damgaard (keyboards) and they Give Damgaard (bass); but don't make a mistake, they come from Denmark. The first song is "Divine Wrath", the vocalist gathers all her force and he explode with deep and exasperating screams with full pain, the second song is "Beyond Salvation" that is melodic and powerful, the keyboards they accompany creating a sad atmosphere; the third song is "Visions of Tragedy" that show a much melancholicer feeling, the acoustic guitars, the keyboards, the clean vowels and the harrowing screams make of this song my favorite one, and for my luck it is the longest in the disc! The last song is "Till the End of Eternity", is emotional and it is entirely based on keyboards. A great new! Compos Mentis already has a recording contract thanks to Lost Disciple Records, its debut album will be called Fragment of a Withered Dream and its exit is expected soon for this autumn of the 2002. A datum more, "Quadrology of Sorrow" was chosen as the demo of the year in the German Ancient Spirit magazine, it is a good work but I don't believe that it is for so much. For the time being you can acquire the demo by only US$4.00.