Haunted Records

Grade: 5/15

COMPOS MENTIS - Quadrologie Of Sorrow (Eigenveröffentlichung)
This band was found in 1996, comes from Denmark and presents us here their first real release. The infotext tells us something about atmospheric, melodic Death/Black what can be accepted although I only found out any Black Metal influences when it comes to the vocals. They also could have added "Gothic", "melancholic" and "midtempo" in this info cause the band does not play very fast and the melodies are full of sadness. They should have placed some more fast parts on this MCD cause when they sometimes release the brakes it sounds better to me (like in the second song). But the music can't really convince me at all - it's a bit too soft. And I already heard some better keyboard sounds (the one at the beginning of song nr.3 is pretty poor). So on the whole this one is very boring. The people who are into this Gothic/Death Metal thing can check it out. Perhaps I should mention that Compos Mentis got a record deal now with Lost Disciple Records (USA), and that they'll go in studio soon to record their first longplayer. That one will be recorded again with Jacob Hansen who also did a good job for this MCD. But as I said before: not my cup of beer - ummm tea!
5/15 Jan