Agonia Magazine

Grade: 4/6

Melodic Death metal is less popular now but fortunatelly there are some bands which perfom this kind of metal exreme in quality and even top way. I think it's important for this so specific generel because the more melodic death band the less quality bands of this kind. Compos Mentis is a band which performs Melodic Death with sensitive nute of atmosphere and blackish vocals. Quadrology of Sorrow' mCD is an essence of four extremelly good palyed metal songs combined with diferent influences of the genere. Their melodies are really catchy and very heavy. The band has its own very specific mood of nostalgic melancholy, in best meaning of this word. There are two pieces I can especially suggest you; those are: 'Divine Wrath' and 'Vision of Tragedy'. I would compare the second one to such acts like Amont Amarath & last My Dying Bride. Just sometimes they could limit keyboards which makes some parts of Compos Mentis' mCD too sweet. But it's good stuff and the same time quality band.