Lords of Metal

Grade: 73/100

Fans of melodic death metal in the Swedish tradition can once again add a band to their list, because this label most certainly applies to the Danish Compos Mentis. Within this genre every path has been trodden onto so...  no they're not exactly original.

Still, Compos Mentis does offer a reasonable release with 'Gehennesis' The music is at its best during the faster part in which they cling on to some black metal influences, and at its worst during the playing of the obvious staccato Gothenborg-riffs. Every now and again some interesting pieces arise like the persisting piano-theme in 'In The Womb Of Winter' and the sad touch in the title-song, there is definitely something enjoyable in these songs. Definitely not bad this Compos Mentis, fans of Dark Tranquillity and the likes can take a chance.