My Beloved Darkness

Grade: 8/10

When I listened behind years their Quadrology of Sorrow EP, I had a good premonition for this band, I knew that they would open their own road, and I didn't make a mistake, now they are under Lost Disciple Records and they offer us their debut Fragments of a Withered Dream a work very well elaborated for where you look at it.
The vocalist's original, rabid and broken-hearted screams, the magnificent guitar riffs and the powerful battery! And on the contrary of many bands that abuse of the synthesizers, they know perfectly when to include them... musically speaking their musical style would be melodic Death to the Swedish style (although better), aggressive and with sections of the symphonic black metal.
I won't say which my favorite songs are because it would be discrediting to the other songs, on the contrary all the tracks takes an important place in the disc, all maintain that force and energy that shake your head...
To conclude, I will only say that Compos Mentis is lately one of the best bands from Danish lands, and that they deserve to have recognition!

Time: 37:13
Tracks: 8
Rating: 8/10

By Saqrangel