The Metal Gospel

Grade: n/a

"Fragments Of A Withered Dream" is the debut full length of this Danish band who have been around since 1999. They released one demo, "Vulturous" in 1999 and a year later put out a self released Ep, "Quadrology Of Sorrow". That grabbed the attention of US based label Lost Disciple Records. I find myself after listening to this album many, many times that I am in a catch 22 with it. On one hand I enjoy it because it reminds me of older IN FLAMES, the songs are constructed very well and tight, it has lots of addicting melodies and very atmospheric keyboards which are not overused, all topped with some harsh, blackend vocals (my favourite part of the album). The guy can scowl with the best of them ! On the other hand this is far from being original and I could really only recommend this band if you canīt get enough Melodic Blackend Death Metal. I do have to commend them for throwing in some doomier riff work here and there though. I also find that there are really no songs that stand out from the rest as they are all rather equal.