Pull the Chain

Grade: n/a

I thoroughly enjoyed Compos Mentis previous studio work titled «Quadrology Of Sorrow» and reviewed in one of our old issue (on paper format)? so I was looking for more of the same top class aggressive melodic death metal. There is a heavy use of melodic guitar twins, reversed riff schemes along with screamed death metal growlings and haunting keys melodies... but surprisingly and even if the impact is immediate, it was soon to me quite obvious that this «Fragments Of A Withered Dream» may take a few listens to fully appreciate the complexity and the diversity of the song structures on show. Built upon the traditional N.W.O.S.D.M. foundations, Compos Mentis music is at time quite complex (especially for a band of this nature) and always proficiently performed. Gothenburg twin guitar parts, solid death metal bass / drums foundations powerful vocals sometimes reminiscent of At The Gates, Compos Mentis are eventually hugely emotional and if you have an open mind and enjoy creativity, give this «Fragments Of A Withered Dream» a go. Not just another Scandinavian death metal release, an extremely well written album.