Xtreem Music

Grade: 9/10

I thought this band played some kind of Brutal Death Metal, but when I played the CD I realised I was very wrong. What they play is something close to what bands like CEREMONIAL OATH, DARK TRANQUILLITY or EUCHARIST played at the beginning of the nineties. They have added some keyboards, and maybe some parts of their music are more oriented to the melodic Black Metal thing, but in general I could perfectly say their music is almost completely based on the Gothenburg sound of ten years ago. They are not Swedish, but what the hell, they know how to play this kind of music much better than many Swedish bands of nowadays. They are talented musicians and the songs they compose are full of rage and melody in the same quantity. Be sure that if you like this kind of stuff you are going to like this album. It seems this kind of music is having a lot of success in the States, this is not the first band from there I listen playing melodic Swedish Death Metal, but trust me, they are much better than the others. Their music is faster, with more rage, more intensity, better melodies... Check this album out if you like this kind of stuff and you are tired of the new trend of Swedish bands with nice production, gay melodies and no feeling at all.