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Grade: n/a

COMPOS MENTIS--"Fragments of a Withered Dream"(Lost Disciple)

Fucking awesome technical and melodic Death Metal they way it USED to be played by such masters as Dark Tranquility and Eucharist, only this time it's from Denmark! By far the best thing my friend Rich over at Lost Disiciple has ever released, this debut of Compos Mentis thoroughly and totally kicked my ass from start to finish, reminding me of the first time I heard albums like "The Gallery", "Mirrorworlds", and "Skydancer". Indeed, there is that old school Dark Tranquility influence that can't be denied, as the riffs here on "Fragments of a Withered Dream" twist and turn with an intricate intensity that can only be interpreted as following in the footsteps of those forerunners who came before.

Don't think of Compos Mentis as a clone band, however, as this would be insulting to the music contained here on this 8 track killer. Think of them more as "The Next Generation", continuing to fight the good fight for all of us to whom the term "melodic death" is a banner of pride rather than a thing to be shunned. Powerful screaming vocals and brilliant electric/acoustic passages swirl around effervescent harmonies and solos to create a magnificent atmosphere here on "Fragments of a Withered Dream", and this release comes highly reccomended by yours truly here at Unhallowed HQ. Contact Rich now for more info for this release, as well as his huge list of quality metal items for sale! Fucking killer.