In my dreams the world dissolves
And I'm absorbed into the fragments
Leading an army of ghosts
I conquer the strongholds of the sky

In my dreams I speak with a thousand voices
Of dimensions that don't exist
I show to the world what it is
And exceed the limits laid down

I am the source, pure and clear
From which magic pours
I transcend time and space
And embrace every corner of the world

The final spiritual objective:
Ultimate independence of the matter
How could human conceit ever reach this point?
Trapped in a cave with beautiful greyscale paintings on the wall
Wasting dreams on the outlined land, when this could be our haven

In my dreams I dream that I'm awake
And that my world of dreams dissolves
I show to the world what I am
And the limits become obsolete

Storms die at my feet
And light waves give in
Laws of nature are forced to collapse
As my will prevails